The offer

The Staff of the company offer services such as :

  • drawing up legal opinions and expertise,
  • participating in negotiations concerning the content of contracts,
  • creating and veryfying contracts, resolutions, statues and other documents,
  • continual legal service including partnerships and private limited companies,
  • drawing up resolutions and statues of joint ventures,
  • representing Clients before the common courts, The Supreme Court, administrative courts, The Supreme Administrative Court,
  • creating and transforming of commercial partnerships and other business entities,
  • advising on construction investments and activities in the real estate market,
  • continual legal support,
  • advising in the field of public orders including helping to analyse SIWZ (Specifications of Essential Conditions of Orders) and preparing offers and drawing up legal remedies,
  • trainings how to run an economic activity, safeguard a contract at the point of processing and what the responsibilities of management staff are,
  • loan collection.
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